I’m Mila–

It’s a pleasure to meet you.

At first glance, I have a youthful appearance, elegant style, and an air of coy innocence that naturally inspires the trust you feel with a long-time friend. My body is petite yet lithe, with all-natural, delicate curves shaped by years of dance and gymnastics. My warm honey coloured eyes light up with mischief, and my soft dark hair catches the light when I turn to greet you. 

I blush, you blush.

When we’re together, conversation is my favourite form of foreplay. Imagine the perfect first date; I flash you a coquettish glance over the dinner table that promises trouble. In our hotel room, we giggle over a glass of wine or a tumbler of gin, my limber legs wrapped around you, our laughter contagious. With the door closed, my bold side comes out – I’ll keep you on your toes. I relish the idea of being your beautiful escape.

You should know, I unapologetically give myself to those I spend time with, which means I form heartfelt and genuine long-term connections. After all, let’s not forget this is an adventure for two. 


It’s time to make your move…