My name is Mila Miette

I’m an all natural, sugary sweet brunette with honeyed amber eyes and a disarming smile. Raised a dancer and gymnast, I’m petite and poised with a seductively sinuous figure. Just as surreal in the flesh as I am in my pictures – I’m always appreciated for my authentic appearance, and adored for my affable nature and quick-witted humour.

I crave genuine connections and embrace every encounter with an open-heart, and open-mind. Because of my confidence, charm and sophisticated style – it sometimes surprises people that I’m down-to-earth, easy-going and have the ability to make people feel completely comfortable.

Both curious and coy, I’m a tender companion that loves to explore and play. Imagine my long legs wrapped around you, my delicate fingers entangled with yours, my soft, tousled locks lightly caressing your skin. I’ll have you enraptured – entirely enamoured by our experience. I live for those intimate moments and sweet exchanges, the kind that linger and replay over and over again in your mind.

The truth is, when you’re with me time will play tricks on you. Slowing down as I tempt each one of your senses. Speeding up when you realise how much time has passed. Disappearing completely as I lie in your arms, limbs intertwined. My body pressed against yours can see time stand still, and our time apart can feel like an eternity.

One moment with me can last a lifetime.

So tell me, are you ready to take the plunge?

The general gist…

City   Brisbane, Australia based
Age   28 (though most guess 24)
Height   150cm, 5ft
Dress Size Australian 4 (US 0)


It’s time to make your move…